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Re: National Language Support Functions

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: National Language Support Functions
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 00:35:41 +0000
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Lennart Borgman (gmail) wrote:
Indeed I do. I said you cannot follow the guidelines. I said some ways to diverge from them were worse than other ways.
Which is worse than the other is a matter of opinion, and judging by the use of the words IF, USUALLY and MUST in the snippets from the accessibility guidelines I have read, your opinion differs from the source you are claiming backs you up:

Keyboard shortcuts can be found in the menus of programs, or, if a letter is underlined on a menu, that usually means pressing the ALT key in combination with the underlined key has the same effect as clicking that menu item. An application must not affect any system-wide shortcut keys (a key or a combination of keys used to perform a command), such as the Windows logo key that opens the *Start* menu.

But what these guidelines say is not really important for considering what to do in Emacs. What is important is what users want, and what we can achieve technically. So far, the only patch I've seen submitted in this area swallowed the Windows logo keys so that neither Emacs nor Windows could see them, and there were other concerns that Eli and myself had regarding the removal of the low level hook when Emacs crashes, and the need to perform low level processing on many more keys in order to use those keys as modifiers, that have not been addressed as far as I am aware.

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