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Re: pgg-encrypt is a pain in the neck

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: pgg-encrypt is a pain in the neck
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 20:47:05 -0500

    PGG is rather "low level" in context of mail encryption, but please
    bear in mind, that there are other uses for GnuPG: You can encrypt
    other private or confidential stuff just to keep it safe without
    sending it per mail, and that's where the currently available user
    functions come in handy.

    I agree, that a more generic solution might be worthwhile, but I don't
    think that pgg is "broke" or needs to be "fixed" in this regard.

There seems to be a disagreement about this.  Daiki Ueno told me that
PGG could do what Mailcrypt does; I found it cannot, and you say it
isn't supposed to.

Your viewpoint seems to be that PGG is actually meant only for use
from other Lisp programs.  If so, I don't think it really needs to be
documented on its own.  If PGG is currently only useful via Gnus, then
I think the documentation of gpg-agent is only needed in the Gnus
manual, since it is only relevant for Gnus.  Could someone please install
the text that Daiki Ueno wrote into the Gnus manual?

Meanwhile, it is unfortunate that Emacs has most of what is needed to
do the job of Mailcrypt but fails to actually deliver that
functionality to the user.  I hope people will implement this, soon
after the release.

    Btw. I think one source of this problem is that we currently have two
    (or more?) mail composition modes in Emacs: message mode coming from
    gnus and mail mode.

I have always been unhappy with the Gnus developers for writing
another mail composition mode without discussing with me whether we
should have another.

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