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Re: transpose-sexps

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: transpose-sexps
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2007 18:13:31 +0900

Paul Pogonyshev <address@hidden> writes:
> As long as other other "sexp" is empty it doesn't make sense to
> "transpose" with it.  Humans are not computers, they will get only
> confused by it.  Or what do you mean by " " sexp?

A string is an sexp.  " " is a string containing a single space.

Emacs sees on the left side of point, a sexp: " ", and on the right side
of point, another sexp: f.  It swaps them.  That's what the command

[Maybe, as Richard mentioned, it should be more friendly by detecting
that it's inside a string and do... something... in that case (what??),
but detecting that is not particularly trivial (and so is not a suitable
change just before a release).]

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