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Re: Emacs-diffs Digest, Vol 50, Issue 7

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Emacs-diffs Digest, Vol 50, Issue 7
Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2007 18:56:19 -0500
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>> Why does it matter whether it was IBM, Apple or M$ who invented the
>> C-z C-x C-c C-v shortcuts (and thus broke compatibility with Emacs)?
>> someone else said it was unfair to attribute these to Microsoft, since
>> others actually designed the interface.
>> No matter what we think or feel, or whether history is on our side,
>> most "modern" applications use these bindings -- including GNOME, KDE
>> and Firefox, so today it is Emacs which is "incompatible" with "common
>> practice".
>> That is why it is important to note that Emacs and its command set
>> came first.

> So you claim to have invented the concept of doing cut, copy, and paste 
> via keyboard commands, and that Emacs was the first program to do that?

> Otherwise, this whole argument is silly.

I haven't read the actual text recently, but I think it makes sense to
mention that the current bindings predate CUA's, not to brag about it or to
complain about CUA's lack of respect for Emacs's choices, but so as to
explain why the current bindings don't play well with CUA: it's
a historical accident.


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