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Re: address@hidden: compilation-previous-error fails if first error is a

From: Lennart Borgman (gmail)
Subject: Re: address@hidden: compilation-previous-error fails if first error is at start of buffer]
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2007 12:11:59 +0100
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Nick Roberts wrote:
 > > If the compilation buffer begins with error lines right at the top:
> > > > c:/EmacsW32/etc/EmacsW32Util.html:7:5: Warning: <link> inserting "type" > > attribute > > c:/EmacsW32/etc/EmacsW32Util.html:12:19: Warning: <table> lacks > > "summary" attribute > > c:/EmacsW32/etc/EmacsW32Util.html:29:5: Warning: <table> lacks "summary" > > attribute > > > > then if point is on second line compilation-previous-error fails. > > > > What is the error message?

Warnings and errors are equivalent in the compilation buffer.  I don't see how
Lennart gets error lines right at the top as I always get the following four

    -*- mode: compilation; default-directory: "~/" -*-
    Compilation started at Mon Jan  8 21:22:48

    `command used for my compilation'

The output is from a library not included in Emacs (actually a version of tidy.el). The output does not have the lines above at the beginning. It would be rather inconvenient if it had, but maybe those line still should be there for some reason?

Perhaps this is for his patched version.  Anyway there's not much point fixing
it when, like the heads of the Lernaean Hydra, two new bugs will take it's
place in FOR-RELEASE.

I do not send bug report for the patched version, of course. (And I have tried to make it clear on download page on my site that you should use the unpatched version for bug reports.)

Here is a way to reproduce the error (CVS Emacs from 2007-01-03):

    emacs -Q
    M-: (switch-to-buffer "TEST")

Paste these lines (inside the "cut lines") into the buffer:

>>>>> cut here >>>>>>>
c:/EmacsW32/nxml/nxhtml/doc/temp.htm:9:5: Warning: missing </h1> before </h3> c:/EmacsW32/nxml/nxhtml/doc/temp.htm:10:5: Warning: discarding unexpected </h3>
c:/EmacsW32/nxml/nxhtml/doc/temp.htm:9:5: Warning: trimming empty <h1>
Info: Doctype given is "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN"
Info: Document content looks like XHTML 1.1
3 warnings, 0 errors were found!
<<<<<<<< cut here <<<<<<<<<<<<

so that the first error is on the first line of the buffer TEST, the second error on the second line and the third error on the third line. (You may have to edit this a bit because of line breaks in this mail message.) Now do

    M-x compilation-mode

Go to the beginning of the buffer. Press TAB. The point should move to the second error line. Press TAB again -> to third line.

Now press S-TAB. Should go to second line. S-TAB again should go to first line, but it does not.

Is this enough to reproduce it for you?

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