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address@hidden: Re: address@hidden: ffap not UTF-8 ready]]

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: address@hidden: Re: address@hidden: ffap not UTF-8 ready]]
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 18:05:59 -0500

[I sent this message twice but did not get a response.]

Would someone please DTRT and ack?

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|> ffap is not UTF-8 ready, I put the cursor on ./???? or whatever and it
|> acts like the file Doesn't exist.

I tried it on several filenames (all of which exist on my filesystem).

On every file where the first character was ASCII and was not modified
by a combining character, ffap worked as expected.

But on every file where the second character was a combining character
(such as the file named C?.utf8 -- that is a C followed by U+0336, which
is called COMBINING LONG STROKE OVERLAY) ffap failed to recognize the
string as being a filename.  It also failed when the string started
with a non-ASCII character, such as a kanji or a greek character.

Some testing shows that (ffap-string-at-point) skips strings such as
those described above.  I guess this is because of the default value
of ffap-string-at-point-mode-alist.  For finding files it looks for
strings of "--:$+<>@-Z_a-z~*?", dropping "<@" from the beginning and
dropping "@>;.,!:" from the end.  That first string needs to be
expanded to support non-ASCII characters which might be used for

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