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Re: font-lock-warning-face hard to read because it is bold

From: Lennart Borgman (gmail)
Subject: Re: font-lock-warning-face hard to read because it is bold
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 03:06:49 +0100
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Jason Rumney wrote:
Lennart Borgman (gmail) wrote:
Yes, it looks much better. Eli and Jason, do you use font smoothing? I just use the default and I think that the fonts should look good by default.

Fonts look like they look. Emacs does not have any control over the fonts Microsoft chooses to ship with Windows.

And I agree with Eli, the screenshot you sent looks absolutely fine. Perhaps your monitor is out of focus?

Thanks, but did you see any difference between the screen shot I sent and the one Drew sent? On my screen the two pictures look very different. Does not that happen on your screen?

The thing is that Drew uses "ClearType" font edge smoothing whereas I use the default "Standard". If you zoom in the pictures from me and Drew you can see the actual differences. But perhaps it is only me that thinks that the default font that Emacs uses here on w32 is not very readable unless you change the default MS Windows settings for font edge smoothing?

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