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Re: Request for enhancement: support PNG icons in toolbar

From: Leo
Subject: Re: Request for enhancement: support PNG icons in toolbar
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 22:55:57 +0000
User-agent: No Gnus v0.6, Emacs/ (2007-01-18), Fedora 6 gnu/linux

On 2007-01-18, Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis said:

> Currently, when libpng is available, Emacs has support for PNG. But it
> only searches for XBM, XPM, and PBM icons for its toolbar, even though
> PNG icons are considerably more attractive. I've written a patch for the
> tool-bar.el from Emacs CVS, which tests for PNG support before adding
> the PNG format to the search, facilitating a prettier Emacs toolbar.
> tool-bar-local-item-from-menu and tool-bar-local-item duplicated the
> image finding code, which I have moved for simplicity into a new,
> separate function tool-bar-find-best-icon.
> When editing the source I noticed it doesn't currently check whether
> support for the other image file types is present or not, but I didn't
> change this in case it was desired.
> ChangeLog, new tool-bar.el, and tool-bar.el.diff (vs. current CVS)
> attached.
> NB for testers. You must compile Emacs with the new tool-bar.el if you
> wish it to use it to load the main Emacs toolbar, since it is dumped
> into Emacs.
> If you're running X11 and you'd like some PNG icons to try with your
> Emacs, see:
> http://www.benjaminhawkeslewis.com/www/svn/emacs/themes/icons/
> which currently features a screen shot of the toolbar in its full
> PNG glory and some Ubuntu-themed icons. I haven't gotten round to
> adding icons for news modes and so on, but the toolbar will happily
> fall back to uglier icons.

Thank you very much. I have been looking for it ;)

Leo <sdl.web AT gmail.com>                         (GPG Key: 9283AA3F)

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