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Re: add etc/PROBLEMS entry for building 32-bit exe on 64-bit system

From: Giorgos Keramidas
Subject: Re: add etc/PROBLEMS entry for building 32-bit exe on 64-bit system
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 17:36:03 +0200

On 2007-01-16 01:33, Giorgos Keramidas <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 2007-01-15 18:28, Richard Stallman <address@hidden> wrote:
> >     I don't really think the text below is correct.
> > 
> >     I have been building 32-bit versions of Emacs 22 on Solaris amd64
> >     systems for several months now, and the build works fine.  This means
> >     that, at least the following part of the text below is false:
> > 
> > Can you write text that is more correct?
> Yes.
> Please note that I haven't been able to build a 64-only version of Emacs
> on Solaris amd64; Emacs 22.X crashes during the autoload stage of the
> bootstrap process, when I try to build a 64-bit binary on Solaris.
> Nevertheless, I can definitely help with writing the text for 32-bit
> builds for Solaris and FreeBSD.  For other systems, I may need some help
> from people who are more experienced in their use, and have more current
> installations than me.

Hi all,

I posted the following to address@hidden, but forgot to Cc: the list, so
here it is, in case anyone else has time to review the text too:

diff -r 1f853b6e3574 -r 59b73f6c6f46 ChangeLog
--- a/ChangeLog Fri Jan 19 07:10:51 2007 +0200
+++ b/ChangeLog Fri Jan 19 17:04:43 2007 +0200
@@ -1,3 +1,8 @@ 2007-01-18  Bruno Haible  <address@hidden
+2007-01-19  Giorgos Keramidas  <address@hidden> (tiny change)
+       * etc/MACHINES: Describe how 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Emacs
+         can be compiled on Solaris systems.
 2007-01-18  Bruno Haible  <address@hidden> (tiny change)
        * INSTALL: Info files moved to share/info.
diff -r 1f853b6e3574 -r 59b73f6c6f46 etc/MACHINES
--- a/etc/MACHINES      Fri Jan 19 07:10:51 2007 +0200
+++ b/etc/MACHINES      Fri Jan 19 17:04:43 2007 +0200
@@ -1021,11 +1021,27 @@ Sun 3, Sun 4 (sparc), Sun 386 (m68k-sun-
                               sparc-sun-sunos4.1.3noshr, sparc-sun-solaris2.*,
                               i386-sun-solaris2.*, sparc*-*-linux-gnu)
+  To build a 32-bit Emacs (i.e. if you are having any sort of problem
+  bootstrapping a 64-bit version), you can use the Sun Studio compiler
+  and configure Emacs with:
+    env CC="cc -xarch=v7" CFLAGS='' ./configure    # on SPARC systems
+    env CC="cc -xarch=386" CFLAGS='' ./configure   # on x86 systems
+  On Solaris 2.10, it is also possible to use /usr/sfw/bin/gcc to build
+  a 32-bit version of Emacs.  Just make sure you point ./configure to
+  the right compiler:
+    env CC='/usr/sfw/bin/gcc -m32' ./configure
   To build a 64-bit Emacs (with larger maximum buffer size and
   including large file support) on a Solaris system which supports
   64-bit executables, use the Sun compiler, configuring something like
   this (see the cc documentation for information on 64-bit
-  compilation):  env CC="cc -xarch=v9" ./configure
+  compilation):
+    env CC="cc -xarch=v9" CFLAGS='' ./configure    # on SPARC systems
+    env CC="cc -xarch=amd64" CFLAGS='' ./configure # on x86 systems
   As of version 2.95, GCC doesn't support the 64-bit ABI properly, but
   later releases may.

There is a buglet in the version I posted to Richard.  The last command,
which can be used to build a 64-bit Emacs on Solaris uses -xarch=386,
which should be replaced with the version shown above (-xarch=amd64).


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