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Re: SVG support in Emacs: what happened?

From: Paul Pogonyshev
Subject: Re: SVG support in Emacs: what happened?
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 02:10:34 +0200
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Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis wrote:
> [...]
> Many apologies to Paul if he likewise assumed I was taking it upon 
> myself to criticize his code.

No offence taken.

> > 2. If it is well written, we could add it (after the release), if we
> > get legal papers from the authors.
> I asked if there was "some fundamental roadblock against patching
> current Emacs CVS with something like this code". Paul just said he sees
> no obstacle. Back in 2004, Paul said: "I may be willing to have a try
> [at creating a patch], provided that 'librsvg' usage is acceptable." As
> far as I can tell from your comments in the original thread, librsvg
> usage /is/ acceptable.
> If that's so, the remaining questions are:
> 1. What does the code need to make it "portable"?

Probably input of someone on Windows.  I'm sure it won't compile there
simply because I made no effort for this.

> 2. What makes it "ugly", other than non-portability?

It doesn't support scaling (which is natural for SVG), as far as I remember
it doesn't support transparency but uses some ad-hoc background color.  And
likely more problems.

> 3. Is Paul (or anyone else) (in 2007) "willing to have a try" at turning
> it from a "first shot" into a final patch?

Not as I know.  I'm not going to work on it until Emacs trunk is
"unfrozen".  It might as well take another year or two, so it is
meaningless for me (as not a core Emacs developer) to spend time on it.
Feel free to take it.  I assigned copyright to FSF on Emacs changes, so
this patch can be assumed as copyrighted by FSF.


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