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Re: Color-theme problems in Emacs 22+ (Ubuntu, Windows)

From: Sébastien Vauban
Subject: Re: Color-theme problems in Emacs 22+ (Ubuntu, Windows)
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2007 09:42:06 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.11 (Gnus v5.11) Emacs/22.0.93 (gnu/linux)

Hi Chong,

> The problematic customization is in your .emacs file:
> ;; warning font lock (tabs, trailing spaces)
> (defvar font-lock-keywords nil)
> (add-hook 'font-lock-mode-hook
>           '(lambda ()
>              (setq font-lock-keywords
>                    (append font-lock-keywords
>                            '(("\t+"
>                               (0 'my-font-lock-tab-face t))
>                              ("[ \t]+$"
>                               (0 'my-font-lock-trailing-space-face t)))))))
> When you munge font-lock-keywords manually, unpredicatable
> things can occur.  In this case, it seems like font-lock-mode
> is taking over highlighting in buffers that normally specify
> face properties manually, causing the normal text highlighting
> to disappear.

Thank you *very much* for that quick and right answer.

Now, I'm relieved as I finally can jump to Emacs 22+, in Ubuntu
and in Windows as well (sorry, forced to use it at work, while
still refusing to use Outlook!).

Weirdly enough, under Emacs22/Ubuntu, my groups are dark green,
and under Emacs23/Windows, with the same config files, they are
purple, as you saw them. Not important, though, as I have
color-highlighting working, and so I know where are the empty
groups and the other ones.

I'm sorry to have disturbed you with a problem that appears to
be within my .emacs file, but see the weird thing: everything
worked perfectly in Emacs 21 (Ubuntu + Window$), and never in
Emacs 22+ (on both platforms)... That's the kind of interaction
that's difficult to spot.

> The proper way to do what you want is to use the function
> `font-lock-add-keywords'.  See also hi-lock.el, which may do
> what you want.

Thanks for the hint on how to do it properly...

Case is closed.

Please receive a grateful hello from Brussels!

Thank you very much,

Sébastien Vauban

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