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Re: Patch: AREF -vs- ASET

From: Sascha Wilde
Subject: Re: Patch: AREF -vs- ASET
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2007 10:58:55 +0100
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Tom Tromey <address@hidden> wrote:

> I noticed that Emacs has both AREF and ASET macros, but they are not
> consistently used.  Sometimes ASET is used to set an array element,
> but sometimes AREF is used instead.
> This patch mostly changes Emacs to use ASET rather than AREF.  I chose
> this, rather than removing ASET, because using a settor macro like
> ASET allows the future possibility of a write barrier, needed for some
> kinds of GC.

FWIW: I like the AREF macro better, as it has the more "lispy"
semantics.  YMMV

just my 2ยข
Sascha Wilde
To become a Jedi, use Emacs you have to.

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