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Re: rev. 1.322 of src/minibuf.c broke partial completion

From: Sascha Wilde
Subject: Re: rev. 1.322 of src/minibuf.c broke partial completion
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 21:40:24 +0100
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Bernhard Herzog <address@hidden> wrote:

> I've recently noticed a problem with partial completion in current CVS
> HEAD.  To reproduce, start emacs with emacs -Q and then activate partial
> completion mode (M-x partial-completion-mode).  Now try to find a file
> with completion.  One symptom of the defect is that ~//usr is expanded
> to usr/ instead of /usr/, making it impossible to enter an absolute file
> name.
> The change that caused this is rev. 1.322 of src/minibuf.c.  Reverting
> that file back to 1.321 solved the it for me.  Assuming the change in
> minibuf.c is desired, the real bug fix will be something else, though.

This seems to be fixed by Kim's latest changes to minibuf.c (done on
2007/02/08).  Bernhard: can you confirm the issue is resolved?

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             : Those who understand binary and those who don't."

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