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Re: Font-lock decides function call is function declaration in C+ +

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Font-lock decides function call is function declaration in C+ +
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 15:11:37 -0500
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> I think a solution might be to remove "foo" from c-found-types whenever
> text is inserted/deleted in the vicinity of "foo\n bar ();" which
> syntactically destroys its status as a type identifier.  I'll need to
> think a lot more about this.

I'd be interested to know what solution you end up using.  I've bumped into
a similar problem in sml-mode where I tried to look at the infix precedence
declarations in the file while font-locking to adjust the indentation

The best solution I found so far is to add a special text property covering
the "infix" declaration and whose value is the symbol whose precedence and
associativity is being set, and then in font-lock-unfontify-region I begin
by looking for this special property and removing the corresponding symbols
from the precedence table.  But this failed when the whole line was deleted
since the unfontify gets called after the text (and its text-property) is
removed (i.e. too late), so I ended up using before-change-functions
instead, which seemed too costly compared to the importance of the feature,
so it's still in the "experimental" state.

Maybe a better approach is to use overlays rather than text-properties, so
they don't completely disappear if the text is removed.


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