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forward-page binding and page-movement doc [was: Deprecated C-x bindings

From: Drew Adams
Subject: forward-page binding and page-movement doc [was: Deprecated C-x bindings]
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 08:03:27 -0800

> > The following bindings were marked as deprecated in Emacs 20:
> >
> >  C-x /  (point-to-register-compatibility-binding)
> >  C-x j  (jump-to-register-compatibility-binding)
> >  C-x x  (copy-to-register-compatibility-binding)
> >  C-x g  (insert-register-compatibility-binding)
> >
> > There are equivalent bindings in the C-x r map, which is
> > the logical place for register commands.
> >
> > We might want to use these keys for more interesting
> > things in the future, so now (before the release) would
> > be a good time to reclaim them.
> Thanks.  I have removed those bindings.

BTW, for after the release, I wonder if we shouldn't also free up `C-x ['
and `C-x ]'?

1. They are not particularly handy for repeated movement (except via `z z

2. `C-s C-q C-l' (`C-s C-s...') is quicker for repeated movement among
pages. (I always use that.)

3. The use of `C-u C-]' is good, to move forward N pages, but that's
probably almost as useful without any binding (using `C-u M-x

Just a thought.

Independent of this, I think the Emacs manual should explicitly mention
(remind people of) `C-s C-q C-l' (`C-s C-s...'). It mentions using `C-q C-l'
to insert a page break, but it doesn't mention searching for page breaks.
This should be obvious, but a reminder wouldn't hurt.

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