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Re: NT icons

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: Re: NT icons
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 19:56:20 -0500
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Jason Rumney <address@hidden> writes:

>> According to admin/notes/copyright, the copyright status of the icons
>> in nt/icons are unknown (aside from emacs.ico, which are by Andrew
>> Zhilin and have copyright assigned.)  Since these icons are only there
>> for nostalgia purposes, and are not used by anything in Emacs, and
>> since these copyright issues are blocking the Emacs 22 release, I
>> propose to delete them.
> hand.cur is still used. The checkin comment says "derived from
> index.pbm in lisp/toolbar", so if index.pbm is OK, this should be too.

OK.  How about deleting the others?

  emacs21.ico gnu2a32.ico gnu2a32t.ico gnu2b48.ico gnu2b48t.ico
  gnu3b32.ico gnu3b32t.ico gnu4g48.ico gnu4g48t.ico gnu5w32.ico
  gnu5w32t.ico gnu6w48.ico gnu6w48t.ico gnu7.ico gnu8.ico gnu9.ico

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