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Re: multi-tty branch + GTK (Re: copyrights to be fixed)

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: Re: multi-tty branch + GTK (Re: copyrights to be fixed)
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 13:45:14 +0100
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Karoly Lorentey skrev:

(Disconnections can not be prevented entirely, though: Emacs/GTK crashes
on both branches if a server connection is cut or a server crashes.  In
some use cases, this happens regularly, by design: e.g., if the user
runs emacsclient to create a frame on an ssh-forwarded remote X server,
then later logs out from the ssh session, the server connection is
closed, unintentionally SEGVing the Emacs process.  I think we should
document this in PROBLEMS.)

We do:

** Emacs compiled with Gtk+ crashes when closing a display (x-close-connection).

This happens because of bugs in Gtk+.  Gtk+ 2.10 seems to be OK.  See bug

        Jan D.

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