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Re: file-attribute on certain Chinese filenames failed

From: MJ Chan
Subject: Re: file-attribute on certain Chinese filenames failed
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2007 10:09:16 -0500

Thanks for pointing out w32.c in which function stat is defined. I
thought Emacs used windows native stat. 

Indeed, the problem is in stat, which calls strpbrk for checking
invalid filename, (*?|<>\"). The Chinese/Big5 character that I have
problem with contains '|'. 

I also did some test with windows native stat call and it did not fail
with that Chinese filename.

>>>>> On Saturday, February 17 2007, Eli Zaretskii said:

    >> Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 01:06:39 -0500
    >> From: MJ Chan <address@hidden>
    >> Cc: address@hidden
    >> The same code you used did not cause write-region to fail on my
    >> XP. That is, the file "會" was written correctly. But again,
    >> file-attributes returned nil.

    > Could you perhaps step with a debugger into the function `stat' (in
    > w32.c) and see where it fails in this case?

    > I tried to reproduce this on Windows, but couldn't: file-attributes
    > works for me with non-ASCII file names.  However, I don't have access
    > to a Chinese Windows system.

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