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Re: vertical scrollbar error on MS Windows

From: grischka
Subject: Re: vertical scrollbar error on MS Windows
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 00:36:24 +0100

Stefan Monnier wrote:

> > Here is another fix for the scrollbars.  From the approach
> > it calculates the thumb length once on mouse down and 
> > then leaves bar parameters alone during dragging.
> This approach suffers from the same problems.

Not shure what you mean, works for me. 

> I only know of two simple solutions:
> 1 - set the thumb size to 0 while dragging.

Too much activity on the peripheral visuals for my taste.

> 2 - make the thumb size "fixed" and arrange that when it hits bottom,
>     then the start of the thumb corresponds to position point-max.

If you change the start position then you constantly need 
to watch it whether it's still there where you left it off. 

> The best solution is to change the toolkit such that it doesn't hide from
> you the information that the mouse was moved past the bottom of the
> scrollbar.  This is what Xaw does.  It's generally trivial to do,
> technically, but it usually hits a human brick wall.
>         Stefan

You mean subclass the control? Shure, why not. 

If only there wasn't one more general problem which Xaw 
(if thats what I figure) does not have because it doesn't 
have a slider, really. That is with a slider if you can 
grab it at the lower end, it means you end up pulling 
below the frame bottom and outside the monitor if the 
slider gets shorter during dragging. So ...

-- grischka

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