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RE: Mention mouse-face changes mouse pointer shape

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Mention mouse-face changes mouse pointer shape
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 09:42:19 -0800

> >> The 'mouse-face text property changes the mouse pointer shape to a
> >> hand, at least on w32. Should not this be mentioned, for example in
> >>
> > I think the change was a mistake, instead we should have arranged the
> > relevant areas to have both mouse-face and pointer text
> > properties. But I don't know how much effort it will be now to go back
> > and change this.
> Maybe it was a mistake, but in most cases, I think a hand cursor is
> the right pointer shape for mouse-face.  If necessary, a pointer
> property can still be used to select another cursor shape.

IOW, you think the mouse-face and finger pointer should be coupled, by
default. And code that wants a different behavior would then override this
default behavior.

That's a design change that wasn't really discussed, AFAIK. I prefer the two
to be uncoupled by default. Why don't we discuss this after the release, and
revert this change now?

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