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Re: Possibly incorrect non-deactivation of mark from kbd macro

From: Ben North
Subject: Re: Possibly incorrect non-deactivation of mark from kbd macro
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007 08:52:56 +0000
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Stuart D. Herring wrote:
> [Ben North wrote:]
> >    (defun insert-X-as-if-from-kbd-macro ()
> >       (interactive)
> >       (save-excursion (execute-kbd-macro "X")))
> >
> > [...] The mark is not deactivated
> [...] the only buffer modification that occurs takes place in a nested
> command -- one started by `execute-kbd-macro' [...].  When _it_
> finishes, it does in fact deactivate the mark.  But it finishes before
> `execute-kbd-macro' returns!  [...]  Then the macro finishes, and as
> you exit the `save-excursion' it reactivates the mark.

Thanks for the explanation.  I see what's going on now.

Perhaps it would have been more useful for me to have given the
non-cut-down version of what I encountered: I had recorded a keyboard
macro, and then applied it to the lines in the region using `C-x C-k r'.
Despite many buffer modifications, the mark remained active.  This
struck me as counter-intuitive behaviour from a user level.

I wouldn't claim this is a huge problem, but if it could be fixed, I
think emacs' behaviour would be less surprising in this situation.

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