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Re: Edit images

From: Mathias Dahl
Subject: Re: Edit images
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2007 19:14:40 +0100

> It would be very good if there in image-mode where some key/menu
> binding for editing the image in an external application.

What would the use case be?

Are you serious?

I am browsing images in Emacs, using Dired maybe. I happen to stumble
upon an image. While in image-mode I decide I want to edit the image
for whatever reason. Voila, your use case! :)

I did never add support for editing when I made Tumme, mostly because
I did not have that need back then (my primary need was to categorize my
photos), but when thinking about it, this seems like a perfect for for a little
`e' command for both tumme' modes.

When one is browsing through images, one is presumably using a tool
that already allows calling applications with the file name.

Of course, one could argue that in both cases above, using "naked" Dired
functions ot Tumme, that the user only has to switch back to Dired to
start the app he wants to, but I find that less conventient than to have
a special command for it in the image buffer. Also, it should be extremely
easy to implement.

Anyway, probably nothing worth postponing the release for.

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