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Re: Updating the homepage

From: Romain Francoise
Subject: Re: Updating the homepage
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2007 14:13:24 +0100

Yavor Doganov <address@hidden> writes:

> +<p>
> +  Here are other machines that GNU Emacs has code to support.  These
> +  machines are old, and in many cases we don't know whether they still
> +  work.  The definitive reference for this is
> +  the <kbd>etc/MACHINES</kbd> file distributed with GNU Emacs, which
> +  also lists special requirements for these systems if compiling GNU
> +  Emacs from source.
> +</p>
> +       <li>Acorn</li>
> +       <li>Alliant</li>
> +       <li>Alliant FX/2800</li>
> +       <li>Ustation E30 (SS5E)</li>
> +       <li>Vax</li>
> +       <li>Whitechapel MG1</li>
> +       <li>Wicat</li>

This list of machines is of limited use nowadays -- most people have
commodity x86 hardware, and the page mentions that etc/MACHINES is
the canonical source anyway.

Could we get rid of this while we're at it?

Romain Francoise <address@hidden> | The sea! the sea! the open
it's a miracle -- http://orebokech.com/ | sea! The blue, the fresh, the
                                        | ever free! --Bryan W. Procter

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