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Re: Pretest?

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: Re: Pretest?
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2007 08:13:19 +0100
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Chong Yidong skrev:
Giorgos Keramidas <address@hidden> writes:

  FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT #0: Tue Feb 27 01:25:46 EET 2007

While I'm running the GTK+ version, however, I can crash Emacs in
emacs_blocked_free() by following the steps outlined below:

* Run Emacs inside gdb:
* Run M-x gnus-agent-batch while my network connection is
  disabled, and let it time-out.  It prompts me for going into
  `off-line mode', to which I reply `yes'.
* The next time I input C-z Emacs crashes with a backtrace of:

I can't seem to reproduce this on GNU/Linux (I don't have a FreeBSD
box handy).  It's strange that gnus-agent batch has anything to do
with it.  Have you been able to reproduce the C-z crash in any other
circumstance?  (It is better to get a recipe not involving gnus, since
that might depend on your newsgroup settings.)

In any case, the backtrace indicates that the crash occurs deep in
GTK/Glib.  If you look at what is occurring in the Emacs code, what
we're doing is perfectly innocuous: gdk_pixbuf_new_from_xpm_data() is
called on a static character array containing an XPM image.  So the
bug is probably in GTK or Glib, not in Emacs.

It looks like the heap is corrupted, it may be something Emacs did previously, or perhaps something Gtk+ does. Very hard to tell though, a pity valgrind doesn't work with Emacs.

        Jan D.

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