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Re: status of the rmail-mbox branch?

From: Francesco Potorti`
Subject: Re: status of the rmail-mbox branch?
Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2007 15:19:59 +0100

>> What is the current status of the rmail-mbox branch?
>> Does it have the same functionalities as the regular rmail?
>Not entirely.  It is certainly possible to use it to read email, but is
>has some deficencies in the area of coding-systems.  It currently
>doesn't do any decoding from raw-text at all.  The main problem is that
>if we want interoperability with other tools (which I guess is the main
>reason to switch to the mbox format), we can't really encode the
>mailboxes with emacs-mule anymore as is done with BABYL boxes.

I regularly use rmail and I receive mail with various codings, most
often latin-* and utf-8, but occasionally others.  I use a customised
rmime.el to save attachments to files.

Could I get the above functionalities using rmail-mbox?  Using rmime.el
is not a priority if there are alternative tools allowing to save
attachments from rmail.

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