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Re: auto-insert help-buffer

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: auto-insert help-buffer
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2007 16:48:30 -0500

We need to look for the solution in terms of what the user wants
in the various cases.

    One possibility is to remove the unwind protect; the other is to check
    in the mouse-click functions whether the desired window is live or
    not.  Which solution is preferable?

Both of them will make users unhappy.  The first would mean that
typing SPC no longer gets rid of the help window.  Clearly bad.  The
second will avoid the error in these mouse commands, but it won't make
the commands actually _work_.  So the user will be disappointed.
If a user clicks on the help buffer, he wants to operate on it.  So
_in that case_, that window should not vanish.  It should stay around
to be operated on.

Here's a way to implement it:

If the event that was read is a mouse event, and the buffer it's on is
the help buffer, it should discard the unwind-protect without
restoring the old window config.

If the event is not a mouse event, it should do what it does now.

It's not perfectly simple, but it is not very complex either.

Can you implement that?

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