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Re: address@hidden: auto-insert help-buffer]

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: address@hidden: auto-insert help-buffer]
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2007 08:52:35 +0100
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Prompt for keyword


opens a help-buffer with descriptions, but without the
corresponding keywords visible.

This buffer vanishes, when clicked by mouse.


scroll-bar-toolkit-scroll: Wrong type argument: window-live-p, #<window 7>

Compare the thread on "help-for-help" around June 8-10, 2006 on emacs-devel.
In your last mail from then you wrote:

>     Finally, clicking on a modeline after C-h C-h gets me things like
>     help-for-help: Wrong type argument: commandp, 1
>     mouse-minibuffer-check: Wrong type argument: window-live-p, #<window 13>
>     which might be disconcerting (for the naive).
> I tried changing help-macro.el to ignore these commands, and my change
> seems to do that; but there is still an error, and I am not sure what
> causes it.  I ran out of time and had to give up working on it.
> Can someone else please try?

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