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Re: flypell and check-comments.

From: Michaël Cadilhac
Subject: Re: flypell and check-comments.
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 14:01:02 +0100
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martin rudalics <address@hidden> writes:

>>>since on the one hand you don't check for `ispell-check-comments' being
>>>eq to 'exclusive
>> I don't think it matters. At least, if it has to be fixed, it's not
>> here, but maybe in `flyspell-generic-progmode-verify'. Well, I don't
>> really know.
> As far as I understand this, `ispell-check-comments' t means check
> comments too, 'exclusive means check comments only, somehow inverting
> the sense of nil.

That's my understanding too.

> When using faces, nil means don't check when the face is
> font-lock-comment-face, 'exclusive means check iff the face is
> font-lock-comment-face, t means faces don't matter. When using
> parse-state it's equally simple: nil means don't check for (nth
> 4 parse-state), exclusive means check iff (nth 4 parse-state), and
> t means parse-state doesn't matter. Trivial.

Yes, you're right.  Well, I was sick yesterday :-)

>>>while on the other hand you don't check whether you're in a string
>>>(hence you don't fully emulate the default of
>>>`flyspell-prog-text-faces' either).
>> I don't understand, why should I check that I'm in a string?
> Because the default value of `flyspell-prog-text-faces' has
> `font-lock-string-face', `font-lock-comment-face' and
> `font-lock-doc-face'.  To emulate this you would have to spell-check iff
> either (nth 3 parse-state) or (nth 4 parse-state) hold.  If a user
> wanted to spell-check doc-strings only this wouldn't work though.

Sorry, I still don't understand :-/.  I don't want to emulate any of
existing features of flyspell, the point is just to add one.

> It would have to be done in `flyspell-external-point-words' before
> `flyspell-word' is called.  Never mind.  If there are few spelling
> errors `syntax-ppss' might be even faster.

You're the knowledgeable one for me :-)

>> Well, this is not just for the fun to make a patch, I really want to
>> use `ispell-check-comments' (to nil).
> In that case you should probably implement the 'exclusive option as
> well.  Otherwise you should insert a note about this.

You're right.


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