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Re: Connection to emacs CVS broken ?

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Connection to emacs CVS broken ?
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 13:34:32 -0400
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Kim F. Storm wrote:

> Perhaps Miles' Arch repository is more recent ?

The info should also be available from the emacs-diff and commit
lists, I think.


suggests about 60 changes occurred in the time between the last backup
and the crash. So if necessary we could just put all the missing
changes back in by hand.

But I guess we should see what the situation is when savannah comes
back. This will be a general problem, and hopefully the savannah
people will have suggestions about how best to recover.

> But what happens if the repository must be restored from
> an older backup and I then perform a cvs update?
> To cvs, it will probably look like the newest commits have
> been forcefully deleted.
> So will cvs just mark files with never changes as modified here,
> revert those changes, or get confused in some other way??

Don't know. I think it would be very advisable to refrain from making
commits until this is sorted out.

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