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RE: facemenu-listed-faces

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: facemenu-listed-faces
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 13:57:30 -0700

> > I don't understand user option `facemenu-listed-faces'. Shouldn't the
> > default value be t? Wouldn't it be normal, whenever the user 
> > applies a face
> > to text, to add that face to the menu? Isn't that the usual case,
> > which should be the default?
> Wasn't that discussed in the "facemenu-unlisted-faces" thread (from
> 2006-07-02 on) where you participated quite actively?

Thanks for reminding me; I had forgotten. (I participated in a different part 
of that thread, BTW.) 

Reviewing that, I see now that the intention (default) is to have a short list, 
not to add whatever faces the user applies. Sorry for the noise.

The other parts of my post are, I think, still relevant: user-level doc for 
this user option.

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