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Re: emacs snapshot tarball test build

From: djh
Subject: Re: emacs snapshot tarball test build
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 10:34:19 +0900

Thanks Angelo.  But, one shouldn't have to build in a specific directory, or 
guess about a directory structure, and this should be an easy thing to fix. 

If it is a semi-hard coded (if should a thing code be) reference or assumption 
in a Makefile then it should be corrected in my opinion.

It would be good to know why "make" aborted on blessmail.el.  It was reported as
"Fatal error (6)make[1]: *** [blessmail] Aborted (core dumped)" below.

> djh wrote:
> > The only problem is shown below (and maybe it is not a real problem).
> > --------
> > make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/emacs-tmp/emacs-22.0.95/leim'
> > cd lib-src; make maybe-blessmail  \
> >          MAKE='make' archlibdir='/libexec/emacs/22.0.95/i686-pc-cygwin'
> > make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/emacs-tmp/emacs-22.0.95/lib-src'
> > ../src/emacs -batch --no-site-file --multibyte -l 
> > /usr/src/emacs-tmp/emacs-22.0.95/lib-src/../lisp/mail/blessmail.el
> > Fatal error (6)make[1]: *** [blessmail] Aborted (core dumped)
> > make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/emacs-tmp/emacs-22.0.95/lib-src'
> > make: *** [blessmail] Error 2
> > ------
> This often happens boostraping Emacs on Cygwin.
> Workaround: try to build in another nested directory.
> Generally, a build with the above problem gives problems!
> Cheers,
>    Angelo.

   Darel Henman

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