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RE: standard error not in Elisp manual index

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: standard error not in Elisp manual index
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 17:11:00 -0700

>     C-h i, pick Elisp manual
>     i standard error => "No `standard error' in index
>     But:
>     s  standard error takes you to the top-level menu item Standard Errors
> I do not see why every node topic should be in the index.

Certainly not; who claimed the contrary? What should be in the index are
terms that users are likely to look to the index for. Some nodes will need
no index entry; some nodes will need multiple entries.

I would look in the index for a list of standard errors (types or messages),
wouldn't you? In a conventional index, which has a small degree of
hierarchy, I would expect entries such as this:


In the case of an Info index, I would expect the keywords "error" and
"standard", together but in either order, to hit an index entry for the
passage that presents the standard error types or the most important error

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