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RE: Updating the homepage

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Updating the homepage
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 07:21:35 -0700

Just a thought. If you disagree, please ignore:

> |    * Links can be followed with `mouse-1'.

By default, links can be followed with `mouse-1', in addition to `mouse-2'.

(That's the first thing I turn off. Let users know mouse-1 is an option.)

> |    * Many new modes and packages have been included in Emacs, such as
> |      Calc, TRAMP, URL, IDO, CUA, ERC, rcirc, Table, Tumme, SES,
> |      Ruler, Org, PGG, Flymake, Password, Printing, Reveal, wdired,
> |      t-mouse, longlines, savehist, Conf mode, Python mode, DNS mode,
> |      etc.

Perhaps mention some of these? Don't know if they are worth mentioning:

TRAMP has replaced ange-ftp?
apropos has been enhanced (lets you use keywords)?
You can sort columns in the buffer list?
You can use incremental search across multiple Info nodes?

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