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Re: RFC: comint.el - comint-highlight-prompt and unreadable colors

From: Jari Aalto
Subject: Re: RFC: comint.el - comint-highlight-prompt and unreadable colors
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 07:12:34 +0200
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* Mon 2007-03-26 Miles Bader <miles AT gnu.org> INBOX
> Jari Aalto <jari.aalto AT cante.net> writes:
>> The default color selected is still a problem for completely black
>> background. Would there be better alternative to currently used "cyan"?
> Cyan was carefully chosen for use on a black background, and on all the
> displays I have, it looks great -- it's close enough in brightness to
> the default text color (white) that while it clearly stands out, it
> doesn't stand out "too much" (which would make it distracting).
> That is on a display that shows colors directly (X11).
> TTY displays are somewhat more tricky.  Unfortunately there is some
> variance in the way various terminal emulators render colors (e.g., rxvt
> and xterm both use "xterm" as a terminal type, but use different
> brightness for some colors).  However as far as I've tested, cyan looks
> as good as anything on typical terminal emulators.  There just aren't
> many choices on a typical terminal (I tried "green", it is actually less
> visible than cyan on my display using gnome-terminal in xterm/rxvt/etc
> emulation modes).

Have a look at these:

1) On Windows, terminal Putty, which is very popular free SSH terminal.


2) On windows, displaying a rxvt terminal back to the Cygwin X11 server
   from a Unix host using "-bg black -fg snow"


What if plain 'bold was used instead of cyan?


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