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Re: find-file-literally and save-buffer

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: find-file-literally and save-buffer
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 22:33:28 -0400
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>>> >> | emacs -Q
>>> >> | M-x find-file-literally ~/RMAIL.empty RET
>>> >> | C-u M-~   (not-modified t)
>>> >> | C-x C-s   (save-buffer)
>>> I think this might be related to me having my home directory
>>> under version control ... I think it is because
>>> vc-arch-file-source-p calls find-file-noselect, which in turn
>>> calls vc-arch-file-source-p, and so on...

>> Probably the fix is for vc-arch-file-source-p to check if
>> get-file-buffer is nil; if so, it should perform
>> insert-file-contents on a temp buffer, instead of visiting the
>> file directly.

>    Sounds right, I've just installed the patch below to address it,

> This supresses the question about reverting the buffer to a normal
> mode when saving a file after using find-file-literally, is that
> intended?

No.  But it's a separate/different bug, I believe.


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