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Re: kbd vs read-key-sequence

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: kbd vs read-key-sequence
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2007 16:35:30 -0400
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>> There's no indication that doing it right (i.e. doing the coding-system
>> decoding somewhere in the w32 code which turns w32 events into elisp events)
>> is difficult.  AFAICT nobody has really tried to do it.

> Anything to do with coding-systems in C code is difficult. Especially when
> almost every encoding on Windows involves autoloaded CCL based
> coding-systems.

It doesn't have to be done in C.  Since decoding may run elisp code, it has
to be done somewhere where lisp can be run, so you may as well do it by
calling an elisp routine from C.  Of course, you have to figure out where to
do it, and make sure that it's indeed a place where lisp can be run.


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