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Re: Emacs manual mentioning thumbs mode but not tumme

From: Mathias Dahl
Subject: Re: Emacs manual mentioning thumbs mode but not tumme
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 14:46:28 +0200

However, "thumbs" does not seem like much of an advantage here,
either.  Probably not what I'd be thinking of first.

A good point. I have been so involved in all this, since I found that
Thumbs did not suit my needs and I felt the itch to create Tumme, that
I have taken for granted that "thumbs" is the best and the most logic
name. And as a Emacs CVS user I didn't realize that neither Thumbs nor
Tumme has been officially released as part of Emacs.

I guess, as Kim said, that something starting with "image" would be
better (although I like "tumme" best, because it is the cutest.. :-).
Both Thumbs and Tumme do much more than just showing the thumbnails of
images. Actually, the thumbnails themselves aren't what is important,
the important thing is (or was for me) to have a nice way to browse
and catalog, look at and maybe also manipulate images.

On the other hand, how logical is the name `gnus'... :)

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