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Re: minor observations on Mac build of 22.0.99

From: Ken Raeburn
Subject: Re: minor observations on Mac build of 22.0.99
Date: Tue, 1 May 2007 06:58:17 -0400

On Apr 30, 2007, at 21:04, Glenn Morris wrote:
It's not apparent from what you quote, but you do know this refers to
only a small number of files in the leim/quail directory, right? The
associated .el files are not even included with an Emacs tarball at
present, because they are generated from various dictionary files at
build time.

It looks like the installed package has 21 .elc files in the quail directory that aren't included in the distribution. (And 21 .el files, I assume, but haven't verified.)

I don't know if there is any reason for this besides space-saving, but
it was not considered a problem two years ago:

emacs-devel, 2005/04/13, "make-dist doesn't distribute some quail files"

I assume the issue is space versus build time. I guess the question is just where to draw the line. As far as I recall offhand, all the other generated files that are independent of configuration options and platform are all the other .elc files and a couple regenerated .el files, and we include those in the distribution. Not really a big deal, either way...


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