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Re: [rms] Re: [rms] Adding a line to the splash screen with the guided t

From: Jason Spiro
Subject: Re: [rms] Re: [rms] Adding a line to the splash screen with the guided tour's
Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 19:19:56 -0400

2007/5/2, Matt Lee <address@hidden>:
Richard Stallman wrote:
> I am happy with the licensing.  Chief webmaster, could you please
> make sure this gets installed on www.gnu.org ASAP?

This is now done. I'm sure there are a couple of things that still need
fixing, but we can deal with those in the normal webmastering process.


Excellent!  Thank you.

I've also put http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/ into the new style

Send bug reports to address@hidden :)

Or, feedback on the tour can be posted at:
-- just click the "+" tab at top of page.

Now that the tour is finally up, let's mention it on the Emacs 22
splash screen.  Who will do it?

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