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Re: guided tour suggestions

From: David Koppelman
Subject: Re: guided tour suggestions
Date: Thu, 03 May 2007 17:30:13 -0500
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address@hidden (Karl Berry) writes:

> We received this report on webmasters (thanks Daniel) ...
> From: address@hidden
> I am reading the newly-installed Emacs guided tour[1] and
> taking notes as I go along.
> Fifth, this
>     M-x shell      New shell buffer
>     C-u M-x shell  New shell buffer with specified name
> should probably look like this:
>     M-x shell      Switch to shell buffer
>     C-u M-x shell  Make new shell buffer

But M-x shell can create a shell buffer, and is certainly the
easier way to do so if you're not picky about names and only need one.
How about:

M-x shell      Create or just switch to shell buffer named *shell*
C-u M-x shell  Create shell buffer with specified name

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