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merging Unicode branch and availability of Windows binaries

From: Drew Adams
Subject: merging Unicode branch and availability of Windows binaries
Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 06:34:47 -0700

Caveat: I haven't followed the merge thread closely, and I'm ignorant of
most of what you are discussing there.

Question: Regardless of what you decide about merging, will there be
available for users, somewhere, a Windows binary of the 22 release (as it is
before merge of the Unicode branch)? Until now, I've only found Windows
binaries of the latest CVS build, which, after the merge, would presumably
include Unicode.

I ask because I've had reports by an Icicles user on Emacs 23 (Unicode) that
Icicles key completion does not work with that version. I don't have a
Windows binary of 23, so I haven't been able to look at the problem. If
Emacs 23 treatment of keymaps or key bindings is very different, then
perhaps I'll need to start over, to implement key-completion differently.
(Or perhaps key completion will be impossible or unfeasible for the Unicode

I would like for Emacs users to continue to be able to find Windows binaries
of the stable Emacs 22, even after Emacs 23 is merged, and I would like,
myself, to be able to find a Windows binary of Emacs 23 (before or after the
merge), to be able to look into the Icicles key-completion problems. Until
now, I've been using Lennart's vanilla Emacs 22 builds on Windows, but I
don't know what Lennart will make available after the merge. My question is,
will I be able to find binaries of both Emacs 22 (without Unicode) and 23
(with Unicode) after the merge? Will the former be available from GNU, for
instance, and the latter from Lennart? Or both from Lennart?

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