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C-h k problem for F2 (and something about -geometry and -Q)

From: Eric Lilja
Subject: C-h k problem for F2 (and something about -geometry and -Q)
Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 00:08:34 +0200
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Hello, using the following emacs:
GNU Emacs (i386-mingw-nt5.1.2600) of 2007-04-24 on MINDCOOLER

Starting emacs with:
$ emacs -Q

Well, actually, emacs in my system is an alias:
alias emacs='emacs -geometry 125x70+0+0'
but when I give it -Q something happens to the geometry parameter because the window has the proper width but is too large vertically. Larger than what fits on my 1280*1024 LCD. This is annoying and I don't know why. Guess it's something in my .emacs that allows geometry to function as it should? Have no clue what that might be, though.
Anyway, back to my real question...

Here's something I thought was strange:
C-h k F7
<f7> is undefined
C-h k F2
Then it waits for additional input:
Describe key (or click or menu item): f2-
(It also seems to print Loading two-column...done the first time).
why does it behave that way for F2? Stumbled upon this when checking for available function keys I could use for my personal bindings. I tried all the other function keys with C-h k and only F2 exhibits this behaviour.

- Eric

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