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Re: Multi-tty design (Re: Reordering etc/NEWS)

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Re: Multi-tty design (Re: Reordering etc/NEWS)
Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 11:22:51 -0700

David Kastrup <address@hidden> writes:

  > Andreas Schwab <address@hidden> writes:
  > > David Kastrup <address@hidden> writes:
  > >
  > >> David Kastrup <address@hidden> writes:
  > >>
  > >>> Let's get the branch into Savannah and I'll be able to work on my
  > >>> confusion more thoroughly.
  > >>
  > >> emacsclient -t does not work for me at all.  Emacs gets started from
  > >> the Gnome panel for me (so it likely has some weird or none-functional
  > >> controlling tty), and I try emacsclient -t in either an xterm or a
  > >> screen session inside of the xterm.
  > >>
  > >> emacsclient -t /etc/fstab
  > >> just does nothing at all and quits.  In the screen session, the result
  > >> sometimes (but not always) is
  > >> *ERROR*: Cannot open termcap database file
  > >> before it quits.
  > >
  > > I cannot reproduce that here.  I tried running Emacs from KDE, and
  > > emacsclient works as expected.
  > I have compiled with --with-gtk.  What toolkit are you using?
  > emacsclient --version indicates that I am using the right emacsclient.
  > Anyway, if I do a (setenv "PATH" something) in my main Emacs frame,
  > and then do an emacsclient in order to open another frame, then
  > (getenv "PATH") on the new frame returns the stuff from the main
  > frame.  So the frame-specific PATH stuff does not seem to work.  Part
  > of it may be the obvious blunder addressed by the appended patch.  But
  > I think the search orders of frame local variables and
  > process-environment are messed up.  Maybe process-environment should
  > instead be a terminal-local variable.  Maybe it is already.  No idea.

Can you please send a proper bug report starting from emacs -Q that
shows what exactly are you doing? Please include what system are you
using, what toolkit are you using, etc etc. 

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