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RE: merging Unicode branch and availability of Windows binaries

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: merging Unicode branch and availability of Windows binaries
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 08:05:00 -0700

> > Resending.
> Why?

Because there was no reply to my question.

> >> Caveat: I haven't followed the merge thread closely, and I'm
> >> ignorant of most of what you are discussing there.
> If it is important enough for you to resend, wouldn't it be important
> enough to read the thread?

I did read it. I did not find my question answered in it, so I posed it
explicitly. Do you have the answer, or do you just want to hassle?

> >> Question: Regardless of what you decide about merging, will there
> >> be available for users, somewhere, a Windows binary of the 22
> >> release (as it is before merge of the Unicode branch)? Until now,
> >> I've only found Windows binaries of the latest CVS build, which,
> >> after the merge, would presumably include Unicode.
> The EMACS_22_BASE will, obviously, not be merged with unicode-2, and
> that is what Emacs 22.1 will be released from "real soon now"(TM).

I asked about Windows binaries. Where will one be able to find a Windows
binary of Emacs 22?

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