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Re: CVS is the `released version'

From: Ryan Yeske
Subject: Re: CVS is the `released version'
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 11:41:15 -0700 (PDT)

   David> Once one has a central repository, there is no significant advantage
   David> over not having packages but instead putting everything inside of
   David> Emacs.

   I don't agree.

   The biggest benefit I see is that packages can be updated on the
   package maintainer's schedule.  Emacs, on the other hand, is updated
   on the Emacs maintainers' schedule.

   There's also the fact that there are useful Emacs packages which will
   never be included in Emacs.

There is also no reason that we couldn't extend package.el to read
from multiple repositories, much like Debian's sources.list file, for
those familiar with that system.

That way, I could maintain an up-to-date package repository for my
personal projects if people wanted the bleeding edge versions that
weren't yet in the 'central' repository.  If people wanted access to
these package versions, they would simple add 'ftp://yeske.ca/elpa' to
their list of package-repositories.


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