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Re: Merging multitty

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Merging multitty
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 05:46:41 -0400

    The log was maintained in Emacs ChangeLog entry style, but in the
    Arch logs.  Part of the merge effort is to convert these logs into
    flat ChangeLog files.  That's very reasonable.  They are not yet
    there, but they will be soon.

That is good news.

    I think Miles was talking about the CVS log, not ChangeLog.

These are two ways of representing the change log.
Do you really think that the CVS log is not important?

If it is acceptable to tell people, "don't look at the CVS log,
always look at ChangeLog", then we could be sloppy about the CVS
log.  But I don't think the CVS log is that unimportant.
I look there for info, and I think others do too.

    With all due respect, that seems an unreasonable request.  The branch is 
    than three years old, with hundreds of documented changesets.

The work of collating the change log entries will be much less than
the work it took to write these change log entries in the first place.
And that's not to mention the work of writing the code.  Compared with
the overall size of the task, this is small.

Please don't make a disproportionate fuss over it.

    Do you have a tool to automatically convert ChangeLog files to 
    CVS logs?

No, but if this would make the job easier, I am sure people can work on it.

Note, however, that big simplifications are often possible when combining
changes made over a long period.

If a function is new in the multi-tty branch, the only change log it
needs now is "new function".  If you added on date A, and changed it
on date B, the entry for date B can usually be deleted.

I am not sure a program could make these simplifications.

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