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Re: multi-tty branch created

From: rentey <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: multi-tty branch created
Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 15:24:45 +0200
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David Kastrup wrote:
> I've checked it out, compiled it, not yet used it.  README.multi-tty
> does not yet reflect the availability on Savannah.

I updated it a little.

> Is the GTK+ situation as described in there?

No, it has much improved.  AFAIK GTK still doesn't fully support
multiple displays, but the remaining bugs are mostly memory leaks, not

> One thing that is mentioned that calling emacsclient from a different
> user will not work.  I think that this is really a non-issue since
> file accessibility from a different user would also be different and
> there is no really useful strategy short of using tramp for getting
> this to work.

I agree with your reasoning but the item is about something slightly

        Login: fred
        fred$ emacs
                M-x server-start

Meanwhile, in another session:

        Login: barney
        barney$ su fred
        fred$ emacsclient -t
        (Fails due to Emacs not being able to open the tty device.)

The use case: fred sits down before barney's console to show him
something under his own account.

> emacsclient operation in multitty is different as compared to
> previously.  So people can't avoid multitty completely, meaning that
> we can't bluntly state "situation can't be worse than previously, no
> regression" but need to evaluate multitty somewhat more closely before
> finding it suited for trunk, even if the compilation problems on
> DOS/Windows/Mac have been tackled.

Hold your horses.  There is always "emacsclient --current-frame" to
prevent emacsclient from creating a new terminal.  This retains much of
the functionality of the original emacsclient, including, I believe,
things like C-#, and does not use multi-tty features.

I hope most people would agree that the new emacsclient features are a
definite improvement.

> The precondition for trunk in my opinion would be that it does not
> impede workability for those people who are working on different parts
> of Emacs.

Keep in mind that improving emacsclient behaviour is one of the primary
results of the multi-tty branch.


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