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RE: A suggestion...

From: Herbert Euler
Subject: RE: A suggestion...
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 12:31:45 +0800

When doing something like C-h f for a function, one gets displayed a
hyperlink to the corresponding source file.

Now there is not rarely the situation that one actually wants not to
go to the Elisp file in load-path, but rather the actual source file.

It happens that .elc files have a header similar to the following:

;;; Compiled by address@hidden on Mon May 14 12:09:35 2007
;;; from file /rep/emacs/lisp/gnus/mml2015.el
;;; in Emacs version 23.0.51
;;; with all optimizations.

The information is sufficient for determining whether the compilation
happened on the current machine by the current user, and if so, what
the actual source file has been.

So in this particular case, I'd prefer if, without further
configuration and ado, I'd be landed in the corresponding source file
if it is still present on the given machine.

Since I have several packages I build and install from the respective
CVS source archives, having this work automatically would be quite

I agree.  M-. now always creates buffers like "subr.el<2>", which
is not good.

Guanpeng Xu

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