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[multi-tty] emacsclient resets working directory

From: csant
Subject: [multi-tty] emacsclient resets working directory
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 15:11:11 +0200
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I am not sure this is really a bug (I would consider it such), but it certainly is a major annoyance (is it expected behaviour?). Not sure it has been already addressed by David Kastrup when speaking about environment.

Start an emacs session
        $ cd ~ && emacs -Q
and `M-x server-start'. When finding a file from the *scratch* buffer, it will start looking from $PWD ( ~/ )

Connect an emacsclient, go back to the main server emacs and find a file in *scratch*: it will start looking from the emacsclient's $PWD. Even though I might imagine some use cases, this sounds more like an unexpected behaviour: to the user both the server and the client frame are perceived as separate emacs instances and the $PWD of the emacsclient should not modify the server's one.



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