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Re: table cell menu does not appear at the menubar

From: Lennart Borgman (gmail)
Subject: Re: table cell menu does not appear at the menubar
Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 00:35:26 +0200
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I have seen some problems with the menus on w32. I am however very unsure of what goes wrong. I myself use a slightly patched version of Emacs where I use Alt to access the menus from the keyboard. (I use the windows keys for Emacs META instead of the Alt key that is the default for Emacs META on w32.)

Lately I have began to see some problems I have never seen before. Those seems to be related to that I use StickyKeys. There is a bug in XP which makes it eat GDI Objects when StickyKeys are on. (It is so irritating that if it was easier to file a bug to MS I might even take my own time to do that ;-) ) When those are getting low some strange things can happen.

There might be other problems too. I did some changes to the menu handling too, since I discovered that trying to use the menus from the keyboard might result in changing the buffer instead. As I see it there has not been much interest in incorporating my changes in Emacs though or investigating the matter more closely. (I do not think my changes to the menu code are entirely correct, but at least they work much better for me than the standard CVS Emacs.)

Tak Ota wrote:
I haven't had chance to perform the test under GDB.  I have a few
additional information to this problem.  The problem seems to have
nothing to do with table.el.  It is a GUI problem.

1. The problem may be the build platform specific as it appears to be
   related to the windowing system.  I am building my emacs on Windows
   XP using mingw.

2. When the problem once starts menubar contents do not change
   regardless of the mode where point is at.  The last menubar content
   is stuck.  The last remaining menu responds to mouse event and
   functions correctly.

3. When this problem starts the mouse click on a window does not
   change the focus.  The point, the highlighted window status bar all
   remains the same regardless of mouse click.


Sun, 06 May 2007 18:26:43 -0400: Richard Stallman <address@hidden> wrote:

    Also the nature of this bug is a bit more elusive than I thought.  If
    I kill current emacs and start it freshly the menu starts working
    correctly.  It continue to work correctly but eventually stops
    (entering the point into a table cell doesn't bring the table menu
    item anymore).  I don't exactly know what "eventually" means
    technically at this moment.

If you use GDB to investigate what happens in updating the menu when
it is failing, and simultaneously investigate another new Emacs
process in which this is still working correctly, you can compare
them and see where and why they start to diverge.

I think we should not delay the release to fix this.

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